Price Context

3 hrs Bitcoin price Chart


24 hrs Bitcoin Price Chart


Candlestick Simple Reference

In the left is our exclusive 15 minutes Dynamic candlestick, below a quick reference

Bullish Candle

big white candle

Signal an ongoing uptrend

Bearish Candle

big black candle

Signal an ongoing downtrend



A green hammer could be a strong signal of reversal and the end of a downtrend, Red is mainly also a bullish signal but not that strong as green

inverted Hammer

inverted hammer

Could signal a bullish reversal trend after a downtrend



If green signals a strong ongoing uptrend, Red a strong ongoing downtrend

Spinning Top

spinning top

Signals mainly indecision about the trend movement

Shaven Head

shaven head

Considered bullish after a downtrend. Similar to Hammer but (if green) close price if almost the same as high price

Shaven Bottom

shaven bottom

can Similar to inverted hammer but (if green) open price is almost the same as low price



Open and close are almost equal, neither buyers or sellers controls the price, after a clear downtrend could signal a reversal trend.

Dragonfly doji

dragonfly doji

Could signal a reversal in price depending on the recent trend.

Gravestone Doji

gravestone doji

mostly considered a bearish reversal candlestick

Hanging Man

hanging man

During a recent uptrend, it is considered a signal of buyers weakness, and warns about a possible bearish reversal